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Designing For Smart Phones

<<*** Google Update Alert ***>>

With the April 21, 2015 Google Algorithm update a emphasis has been placed on whether web sites are mobile friendly. Sites that are deemed not mobile friendly will now rank lower than sites that are mobile friendly in Google Searches.

Modern web sites require a mobile version either through responsive web design (3 template sizes (Phone, Tablet and Full Size) are coded in the style sheet) or a mobile library such as the jQuery Mobile Library (the result has the look and feel of a Phone App found on the iPhone App Store or Google Play).

A recent example of the latter method can be found on one of our clients page. Click on the graphic (pictured left) with your PC and you get a full size web site. However, click on it with your smart phone or tablet and the result is quite different and has the look and feel of a Mobile Web App.

RockNspace can design a mobile version of your site in either case that canfulfill your needs. In the case above our client wanted the user to be automatically directed to the correct version (mobile or full-size for PC's) based on the users device automatically. Of course you could give users a choice or put a link to the opposite version at the bottom of the page so the end user has the final choice.


Designing for the App Stores Designing actual mobile apps that can be downloaded from the APP Stores is much more complex and expensive. Each App Store has it's own code and requirements.

iPhone for example has the final say after reviewing your App and then it costs you $99/year whether the app is free or not. Google Play has a similar review process and costs $25/year to be able to post apps.

RockNspace can take your vision and turn it into a professional mobile web application. We use Adobe Phone Gap to institute the final build for your Mobile Web App that covers the most popular mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Please contact us with an outline of what you want your Wep App to look like and how you want it to function. One of our staff will review it and contact you with a quote. We will work with you during the design process until you are satisfied. We can then publish the app for a fee under our accounts or set up the necessary accounts to distribute it under your name.


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